Canada, weeks 16 and 17 and sort of 18


GUYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSS I AM SO SORRY THIS IS SUCH A LONG TIME IN COMING.  I swear there are several good reasons for this:

  • I got sick pretty much right as I got into Pearson on January 6th, and I subsequently dragged myself through customs and baggage claim and all the way back to Hamilton while running a fever.  I’d gotten a flu shot the day before, and I’m pretty sure it just straight-up gave me the flu.  So not fair.
  • My first week back was just kinda slow, in part because I was kicking whatever bug I’d picked up.
  • I was going to have a post up last week, but my poor long-suffering computer Majel’s wifi is shot to hell, which I spent a good four days last week figuring out.  Till I can get ahold of a wireless USB doohickey that actually works, which won’t be till sometime next week, I’m pretty much confined to the multimedia lab if I want to get anything done.  Siiiiighhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway.  All that to say:  I’m back, ish.  I may not have enough material for another post by next Monday, but I swear I won’t go two and a half weeks without updating y’all ever again. ❤

The Yoplait video is online and miraculously not embarrassing.  If for some reason you haven’t heard the story of how Yoplait punked me, here you go.

Women’s March on Toronto:  I went to the march with my friends Charlotte and Robyn, where we were among a crowd of 60,000.  The group pretty much shut down University Avenue for a solid hour.  The energy was fantastic, and I saw so many incredible signs, including a lot of signs evoking Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia.  I wish Carrie could have seen it.  I bet she would have been thrilled.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The TTC:  Yeah, it took me this long to brave the TTC.  I only used the subway on Saturday, but it was actually a lot of fun.  I felt like it was back in London again.  (Side note, does anybody know if the TTC actually uses the same fonts as the Tube?  It looked like it, but I’m not sure.)


Other Toronto sights:

I finally found bean with bacon soup!  I hadn’t seen the stuff at all since moving up here, until one fateful Sunday trip to Food Basics:

A histrionic reaction?  Perhaps, but what can I say–I missed that stuff. ❤

Lindy hop till ya drop:  I’m officially learning swing dancing!  McMaster offers several dance classes through the Pulse Fitness Centre, and the lindy hop class works perfectly with my schedule.  I’m learning the lead part, which is extra fun.

Snakes and Lattes:  So after finding the coffee shop listed below, through an extremely fortuitous series of events, I ended up striking a conversation with four super nice girls in a Shoppers* and joining them for board games at Snakes and Lattes.  I’d wanted to go there for ages, but given that it’s a board game café, it’s not necessarily the kind of place you just hit up by yourself.  But I ended up having so much fun playing Cards Against Humanity and some trivia card game that for the life of me I cannot recall the name of with these wonderful people I’d just met.  I have the best Toronto mojo, y’all.  It’s unreal.

*Shoppers Drug Mart, for all you non-Canadians.  Basically like CVS or Walgreens.

Action items:  This is a new section–I figure I might as well make these posts useful.  So here are just a couple suggestions, off the top of my head, for stuff you can do to aid the #resistance.  I’ll include a couple action items in each week’s blog post from here on out.

  • Swing Left is an organization dedicated to connecting volunteers with House districts only narrowly won in their last election.  The site will help you find your closest swing district and get you on the mailing list for volunteering opportunities.  I’ve already signed up to help IA-03 (that and a district in Kansas were my two closest swing districts, haaaaaaaaaa).
  • CALL YOUR REPS!  The linked article specifically refers to defeating the ACA repeal, but it contains a lot of good advice for touching bases with your elected representatives in general.  I know, it’s nerve-wracking.  I stumbled through the first time I called Bridenstine’s office.  But there are multiple sites that will give you call scripts, just a Google away.
  • Along those lines, read Indivisible.
  • Follow Sarah Kendzior and Celeste Pewter on Twitter.  Sarah, a freelance journalist, literally got her PhD studying authoritarian regimes, so she knows what she’s talking about.  Celeste has been a fount of important Congressional news and useful advice and action items.

K, now back to our regularly scheduled rapid-fire travel blogging.

Coffee:  Dave on Twitter (I’m sorry, I don’t remember your handle!!) recommended Empire Espresso to me, so after the Women’s March, I went in search of the place.  It’s a tiny little coffee shop–not much room to really settle down and read or anything–but the Nutella latte I got was lovely, and the interior is still really cute.

Food:  I had brunch with Charlotte at Over Easy before the March.  The Bloor Street location is pretty small, and it was quite busy when I arrived, but the food was nonetheless wonderful.  I had the smoked salmon platter, which was basically like the lox bagel at Einstein Brothers, except I had to construct the bagel myself.  Deeeeeee-lish.

Books:  I’ve been reading a lot of Kurt Vonnegut lately.  It’s therapeutic.  I’ve been recommending A Man Without a Country to pretty much everybody, and at the moment I’m working my way through Palm Sunday.

I’ve also been reading Richard II.  Despite taking four different Shakespeare or Shakespeare-related classes at OU, I can’t say I’ve ever had a favorite history play, but now Richard II may be it.  It starts out intense and it hasn’t let up for a second.  Every time I think someone, just one person in the whole ensemble, might be in the moral right, they do something shady.  I’m riveted.


That’s all I’ve got for now!  I’ll be back with more news from the Great White North soon!


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