Canada, week 14


Hello again!  This will be the penultimate post from Canada for this year, because I’m heading back to Oklahoma on December 14.  I plan to cram as much fun as I can manage into the week between the end of classes and my flight back (in addition to, y’know, actually doing my schoolwork and grading papers and stuff), and all of that will be in next week’s post.  For now, let’s recap the last week:

York University, again:  My research team went to York last Thursday for another archive dive.  The public computer terminals in the library were largely occupied, which meant we got to see even more of the on-occasion-literal concrete jungle that is York.  Unfortunately, my phone battery petered out before I could take more pictures (thanks to all my snapchatting, oops), but I did manage to get this shot of their engineering building…


Yeah, I’ll admit it, that’s pretty cool.

Whitney Snapchats the Proquest Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More pretty Hamilton architecture:

Bryan Prince Bookseller:  I finally got around to checking out this place, right on the edge of Westdale Village.  It’s a super small bookstore, but the high ceilings and giant shelves make it feel imposing nonetheless.


The spoils.

And an announcement:  Some of you may know already that I’ve been working on a modern-day retelling of Lady Audley’s Secret for my new media methods class.  I’m telling the story through Alicia Audley’s mostly anonymous Tumblr and her stepmother Lucy Audley’s very much public Instagram.  If you want, you can review my livetweet of the book here (though it’s not strictly necessary), and the posts Alicia makes that directly pertain to the plot are here.  However, I’d encourage you to browse through the rest of her blog–see what sorts of pictures she reblogs, get a better sense of her as a person.  Happy browsing. 🙂

(Side note, I’m still trying to figure out how to archive the story posts so that they form some sort of coherent narrative after the fact.  If anybody has any suggestions on that front, hit me up.  I’ve tried Storify and it’s absolutely not going to work.)

Coffee:  Ark + Anchor Espresso Bar is blessedly close to my apartment, just a few bus stops and a nice scenic walk past the Freemasons house away.  The bulk of the tables are upstairs, in a lovely high-ceilinged place with a lot of natural light.  This place is a lot like Durand in that their bookshelf is chock-full of stuff I’d love to read if I weren’t, well, a horrifically busy grad student.  The mocha I got there was absolutely killer.

Food:  I’ve been walking past Basilique, right across the street from Bryan Prince Bookseller, for the whole semester now, and tonight I finally decided to stop by there for dinner.  I got the beef shawerma, and yes, that’s how the menu spelled it.  I’m not sure if it’s a misspelling or some sort of regional difference.


Turns out the last shawarma I had, at the now-sadly-closed Al Sultan Grill and Bakery in Tulsa, misled me a little bit.  Imagine my surprise when the shawarma I was served had lettuce in it rather than French fries.  It was still great, though–very gyro-like, and I actually found the meat easier to chew than gyro meat for some reason.  I definitely want to go back and try their falafel and pizza.



That’s all for this week.  Next week’s post should be jam-packed, so… till then!


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