Canada, week 12


Sorry this is late again, y’all–I had a draft of a research proposal due today, so I’ve been working my tail off on that.  (Grad school, where you give yourself crash courses in international relations at 1:30 in the morning.  Yayyyy.)

It’s going to be a short post this time around–this week has been a bit sluggish, much like the week before–but I’ve still got a few things for y’all.

First deerstalker sighting of the season:


Not exactly the world’s best picture of me, but…

I was at the rally in Toronto on Saturday.  There were some really great speakers, lots of people showed up, nothing got ugly, and now I’m hoarse from all that chanting.

What I’m watching:

  • On a whim, I rewatched Epic, and my observations about it from back in 2013 still hold.  The animation perhaps isn’t as brilliant as Pixar’s, but it was still a really fun movie–save for the sheer baldfaced nature of the antagonist’s villainy.  That felt uncomfortably relevant.
  • On that note, I’ve also rewatched Shrek recently, and my god, I’d forgotten completely about the part where fairy tale creatures are literally being rounded up and sent to “resettlement facilities.”  Y’all, we basically just elected Lord Farquaad.  YIKES.
  • The latest few episodes of The Cate Morland Chronicles are basically perf.  This show is one of only a few things that’s brought me genuine no-holds-barred joy in the last couple weeks.  (Also, cause of death:  Canry.  Gawd.)

Coffee:  I haven’t actually written about Second Cup yet, so let’s give that a go.  Second Cup is a chain here, akin to Starbucks, but it differs in a couple respects.  I’d say the drinks themselves have a little less variety than at Starbucks (though I do love their caramel corretto latte), but the baked goods are markedly fancier, more akin to Crimson and Whipped Cream in Norman or CHOCS in Tulsa.  There’s a Second Cup in Westdale Village, right near my apartment, which makes it an attractive study spot except for the distinct lack of outlets.  I swear, everywhere there should be an outlet, there isn’t one.  It’s mildly irritating.

Perhaps the biggest difference between Second Cup and Starbucks, though, one that’s particularly prominent at the moment, is their holiday cups.


*gasp*  Can it be?  No mention of Christmas?  Not even red or green???????

(Seriously, nobody tell the Starbucks protestors about this.  I’m pretty sure they’d actually short-circuit.)

Food:  I live right near Phở Rồng Vàng, right, and yet somehow I’d never been there till Thursday evening.


The restaurant itself is so avocado-green on the inside that I felt like I’d gone back to the 1970s, but THE FOOD.  SWEET JESUS.


Full disclosure, my dad is an excellent cook and makes wonderful pho, but even so, what I had at Phở Rồng Vàng might actually be the best bowl of pho I’ve ever had.  Maybe.  It’s a close freakin’ call.  It was a huge bowl, too, though I only ordered a medium, and yet I still absolutely inhaled it.  I’m honestly barely exaggerating.  It was HEAVENLY.

I also finally hit up Caribbean Flavah, which is in the same building as Phở Rồng Vàng, on Friday.  They have a super cheap lunch special, so I tried my first jerk pork along with rice.  The pork was a teensy bit fatty for my taste, but it was still super good.  The guy who boxed up my meal drizzled some of the pork broth on the rice as well, and I don’t know if that’s what made it so spicy, but dang.  There was actually enough rice in that little box for two meals, so later that day, I cracked an egg into it and nuked the lot.  (#gradschoolkitchen, amirite?)


That’s it for this week!  I should be back next Monday afternoon.  Toodles!


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