The best of Whitney Snapchats Her Finance Textbook


If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve undoubtedly seen me complaining about my finance class.  I’ve been frustrated by the textbook’s approach to ethics…

…groaned at its sense of humor…

…and just generally disliked the subject as a whole.

But I haven’t just been tweeting – I’ve also been Snapchatting my way through the textbook.

I knew doing this was a great idea right from the get-go.

snap 1

Though I was puzzled by all the badly colored (and/or just plain bad) pictures in the margins.

Finance snaps 1

Sometimes the book sounded as if it’d been written by the Department of Redundancy Department.

Finance snaps 2

snap 24

And sometimes it went in the opposite direction.

Finance snaps 3

Other times, I wondered how well the book had been reviewed.

Finance snaps 4

Occasionally, I was just plain done with everything.

Finance snaps 5

As mentioned above, I had serious issues with the ethics section.

Finance snaps 6

Then there was that time the author quoted himself…

Finance snaps 7

…and that other time…

snap 30

…oh yeah, and that other-other time.

Finance snaps 8

But there were high points, definitely.  For example, all the celebrity look-alikes.

Finance snaps 9

And then there was this guy named Jon who got super snarky, which was rad.

snap 25


Overall, though, I think this Snapchat sums things up best.

snap 38

The end.


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