I wasn’t actually planning to start up this series of Jeopardy!-related blog posts until sometime next week, but I feel I should explain the Klahom thing, given that it’s now my middle name on Facebook.

Exhibit A:  this picture.

Yours truly with the inimitable Alex Trebek

Just meeting the coolest person ever/my other honorary grandfather/the dude who I’ve watched on TV since I was in the cradle. It’s whatever.

Notice how you can’t see the O in Oklahoma?  Well, apparently when I’m at the podium, you won’t be able to see the A, either.  (I can’t decide if I’m too small for the sweatshirt or if the sweatshirt’s too big for me.)  Not only did Maggie, the contestant coordinator, comment on this fact, but Alex Trebek himself noted it as well.

So now it’s my nickname or something like that.  No big deal.

(Also, my Jeopardy! buddy Tucker came up with the term “Klahom Syndrome” to describe any article of clothing that has the same problem.  I’m not saying I died laughing when I got that text, but I totally died laughing when I got that text.)


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