Hannibal’s Design


Here, have some Hannibal meta that I wrote last night.  I should probably flag this with a generalized spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen the twisted wonder that is NBC’s Hannibal (by the way, you should watch it if you haven’t already, if only because Mads Mikkelsen is way too attractive and Hugh Dancy plays a very convincing wounded puppy).


Will Graham is special.  Hannibal Lecter knows that from the start.

Hannibal has to tread carefully around everyone. Even Bedelia (especially Bedelia). He does it easily, without qualms, but he still can’t help but wish that he didn’t have to hide, to lurk eternally in the shadows of other, less expert killers.

He wouldn’t have to hide around Will Graham, the man who can so easily put himself in the shoes of people like Hannibal.

Problem is, Will has principles.  He has boundaries in his head.  He knows when he goes into the mind of a killer, and he knows when he comes out.  He could be a friend to Hannibal, someone who truly understands what goes on in Hannibal’s head.  But Hannibal needs to nudge him.  Erase and redraw his boundaries.  Move around the furniture in Will’s mind, push the chairs together so that he and Will can sit side by side instead of across from each other.  Diametrically opposed.  The man who shows no emotion and the man who wears others’ emotions on his plaid sleeves.

So Hannibal moves the furniture, nudge by nudge, half-truth by quarter-truth.  Alana the bookshelf to the far end of the room.  Abigail the lamp, let her burn for a while before snuffing her out.  Jack the desk, out of the room entirely.  Everything must go.  Will must have no room in his head, no room for anything but their two chairs.

Soon, Hannibal will nudge their chairs together.  Then they can coevolve, not just coexist.  Then, and only then, will Hannibal Lecter have a real friend, someone who’s just as mad as he is.

That is Hannibal’s design.


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