3 superhero movies that need to happen yesterday, and who I’d like to see in them.

Complete with pictures!  (Original images are NOT mine, but I put them together.)
  • Spider-Man movie with Miles Morales as the protagonist, starring Jaden Smith.
    Why?  I love Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker (actually, I just really love Andrew Garfield, period), but come on – hasn’t Peter had enough movies already?  It’s about time we had more minority representation in superhero movies.  Falcon being in Captain America 2 is a great step, as is Nick Fury getting a race-lift, but we need more than that.  (I’m also really hoping Marvel comes through with that Black Panther movie, because that would be brilliant.) Image
  • A Deadpool movie, starring Alexander Ludwig (really, though, I’d settle for anyone but Ryan Reynolds).
    Why?  Alexander’s already played crazy Cato, and he acted the snot out of that part to boot.  I’m sure he could pull off Wade’s off-the-wall personality.  Honestly, I don’t think Ryan Reynolds is funny enough to play Wade.


  • Lastly, a Batwoman movie, starring Alexandra Breckenridge.
    Why?  One, Alexandra Breckenridge was practically made for this part.  (See the picture below.)  Two, I just really want to see what would happen if a cinematographer tried to mirror J.H. Williams’s art style.  Three, LGBT representation.  Enough said.


(But really, though.  She was made for this part.)

That’s my two cents!  Thoughts?


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