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I’ve gotten a few questions lately about my novels – what they’re about, when people can read them, things like that.  Bluebird (book 1 in this little series thing that I appear to be writing now) is in its fourth draft.  It’s not ready to be queried yet, though I hope that’ll come soon.  The Hazards, book 2, is an almost-finished second draft.  Birdseye, book 3, is sitting in a big steaming tripe-smelling NaNoWriMo-shaped pile on my hard drive.  It won’t see the light of day for a good long time, and it won’t see much further work till I get other things done.

However!  I’ve decided to post the brief synopses for all the books, as well as an excerpt from each one.

Anyhoodle, have some synopses and things! 🙂


Synopsis:  Seventeen-year-old Caitlin Galusha wakes up on the first day of summer break with oddly shaped scratches on her palms.  Two minutes later, she accidentally makes a coffeemaker explode just by touching it.

Caitlin already has a lot on her plate.  She’s acting as a surrogate authority figure to her little sister Chloe, because their mother clearly prefers her oily lawyer boyfriend Greg over them.  Ryan, her longtime crush, has started acting really friendly.  Her best friend Kristine’s bigoted grandmother joins a highly secretive church, and of course she and Kris have to investigate.  Her job is stressful too – she works under Kris’s mother at the local news station, and they’ve been covering some suspicious shenanigans at the Department of Defense.  The power to manipulate energy is the last thing she needs right now, especially since it brings her nothing but trouble wherever she goes.

But Caitlin has to find out why she got this power.  Because if the voice in her recurring dream is to be trusted, things are about to get a whole lot worse.  Not just for her, either – for everyone.

Excerpt:  My palms definitely didn’t have some arcane symbol carved into them last night.

I blink the sleep out of my eyes as I stare at my hands.  Three intertwining, slightly crooked loops decorate each palm.  The skin around them is flushed, raised, and warm to the touch, and they’re burning a little.

What the hell?  Where did these come from?

“Caitlin, are you up?”  That would be Mom. I kick my sheets off and drag myself out of bed.

Something on my desk glimmers as I walk past it.  The necklace.  Despite myself, I pick up the silver star, noting the tarnish on the back.  I’m almost tempted to put it on, but just the thought of wearing it makes me sad.  I sigh and set it down, heading for the main room.  Hopefully there’s something decent for breakfast.

Mom is already flitting around the kitchen, frying eggs while trying to put on lipstick.  “Oh good, you’re up,” she says.  “Could you possibly make the coffee?  I have a million things to do.”  Let’s be real – I don’t actually have a choice here.  So I walk over to the counter as Mom dashes over to the big front window and attempts to use it as a mirror (she should know by now that it doesn’t work).  “You got up the first time I called,” she says, turning around (apparently she gave up on the mirror already).  “I’m impressed.”

“Well, you’re a much nicer-sounding alarm than my actual alarm clock,” I point out, shrugging.

I’m not expecting Mom to laugh at my latest ridiculous joke, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I don’t expect her to frown and stare in the general direction of my arm, either.  “What’s that on your hand?” she asks.

My heart convulses – no clue why, but I really want to keep this to myself – and I grasp the nearest mug with both hands to cover the scratches.  “I tripped yesterday,” I fudge.  It’s so easy to lie to her.  Yes, Mother, I’m feeling peachy.  No, Mother, I can’t wait for dinner.  Yes, Mother, your boyfriend is a wonderful human being.  Ugh.

The Hazards

Synopsis:  All her life, Taylor Crawford has kept a huge secret:  she was born with functional wings and the ability to turn invisible.  And she’s good at keeping this secret, too – or so she thinks, until the day she’s kidnapped and taken to the clandestine Agency for the Investigation of Biological Anomalies.  Dr. Denke, the director, says they just want Taylor’s special antibodies, though she has her doubts.  Taylor must nurse her seriously ill fellow captives Mel Mackinnon and Sam (just Sam) back to health so they can escape with her.  Meanwhile, Erin Zagorski – Dr. Denke’s niece – is about to find out everything her uncle hasn’t been telling her.  All four of them will have to band together in order to expose Denke and bring him down.


[Taylor]  More mutants. I’d never dared to imagine such a thing when I was younger. I had always reasoned that such nasty side effects as the ones I embody are rare. I was just the one-hundredth of one percent that pharmaceutical companies are still legally obligated to address in their commercials.

[Mel]  Something pricked my shoulder. A piercing ache. A lethargy that uncoiled and slithered like snakes through my veins. I felt myself collapsing, but at a distance, as though my soul was only occupying a tiny part of my mind. My hand reached out and strained for the door handle, but it was no use. My cheek hit the freezing concrete floor, and the shock of it revived me for a moment. I heard a guard’s voice a few feet from me:  “Oh no you don’t, you little rat.”

[Sam]  I get the feeling that Taylor does a lot of dangerous things “just in case.”

[Erin]  There is something very big and very forbidden here. Even armed as I am, strapped into my flying metal chair, I am still a very small and very breakable interloper.


Synopsis:  Caitlin Galusha, now better known as Bluebird, arrives in Europe just in time to witness the first of many seemingly random bombings all over the continent.  To make things worse, the small contingent of the CIA that’s been searching for her ever since her little stunt in DC comes to believe that she’s somehow responsible. With the help of someone she never expected to see again, Caitlin must outrun the CIA, track down the shadowy group that’s actually responsible while not getting herself killed by them, and prove her innocence before the group succeeds in its ultimate, bloody objective.

Excerpt:  “Not only am I on the run from two covert organizations, both of which want to kill me, but now I also have a brain-damaged alien politician in tow.  I’m doing fantastic.



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