Good Omens dreamcast


I’ve been leading an Honors College reading group over Good Omens (by the incomparable Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett) for the past two months or so.  Our last meeting was the previous Thursday, and as we munched on Chips Ahoy and drank (unfortunately warm) Coke, we outlined our dreamcast for the Good Omens miniseries.

  • AziraphaleTom Hiddleston or David Tennant
    If you’ve ever watched any of Tom Hiddleston’s interviews, you know as well as I do that he’s got the Aziraphale demeanor down pat.  In light of this, David Tennant might seem like an odd choice, but when I first read this book, I heard his voice in my head reading Aziraphale’s lines.
  • CrowleyBenedict Cumberbatch or David Tennant
    Come on – Ben just looks perfect for Crowley.  And the reason I have David Tennant down here again is this:  my group and I thought it would be super-cool and deep to have David Tennant play both Aziraphale and Crowley.  (I’ll probably rhapsodize about the themes of Good Omens in a later post, but suffice it to say that this connects to that.)
  • ShadwellIan McKellen
    Is there any other choice, really?
  • Anathema DeviceEvanna Lynch, Jena Malone, Emily Browning, Ellie Kendrick, or Bella Heathcote
    We obviously couldn’t decide on one specific person for Anathema.  After looking at all these actresses again, my first choice would (still) be Evanna Lynch, followed closely by Bella Heathcote.
  • Newton Pulsifer – Jay Baruchel or Colin Morgan
    If we’re sticking to UK actors (or Irish, conceivably), I can definitely see Colin Morgan as Newt.
  • WarScarlett Johansson
    …yeah, I can’t stop picturing War as movie-verse Black Widow.  Sue me.
  • FamineJason Isaacs or Bradley Cooper
    Obviously not in Lucius Malfoy-esque getup.  More like Jackson Brodie, if any of you have seen Case Histories.
  • Pollution – Tom Felton or Harry Lloyd
    If I had to choose one, I’d probably go for Harry Lloyd a la Viserys Targaryen.  Either way, I always picture Pollution as having Draco-and-Viserys-esque white-blond hair.
  • DeathJames Earl Jones (voice)
    Well, of course.
  • PepperMaisie Williams
    Hair aside, Maisie’s already shown she can pull off a feisty personality.
  • WensleydaleAsa Butterfield
    We kind of tossed around the idea of Asa as Adam, but honestly I can see Asa far more as Wensley.
  • BrianJack Scanlon
    At first I suggested Thomas Brodie-Sangster, because I figured he was about fifteen.  Nope.  He’s 22.  Definitely didn’t see that coming.  But anyway, this is about where my knowledge of British child actors runs out.  I literally just looked this kid up on IMDb.  But I figured he had to look a tiny bit like Pollution, because… yeah, that’s a topic for a later post.
  • AdamLaurence Belcher
    You all might remember him from the very beginning of X-Men:  First Class.  This kid played young Charles Xavier.  Some of you might even remember him from “A Christmas Carol,” the Doctor Who Christmas special from a few years ago, in which he played Young Kazran.  Providing, of course, that he went blond, I think he could easily play Adam.
  • Metatron/BeelzebubGerard Butler
    Again, going back to what I had in mind for David Tennant, I think it’d be cool to have Metatron and Beelzebub played by the same person.
  • Madame TracyJulie Walters
    She’d just be perfect.
  • Mr. Young – Kenneth Branagh or Martin Freeman
    This is fanciful, I know, but wouldn’t it be great if one of these blokes could put in an appearance as Adam’s father?  (I can’t decide who I’d like better in this role.)
  • Dogthe dog from The Artist
    I haven’t actually seen The Artist yet, but someone in my reading group (can’t remember who) insisted on this one.
  • HasturJohnny Depp
  • LigurChristopher Eccleston
    Really, these two are kind of interchangeable in my mind.  I keep forgetting what they’re supposed to look like.
    And finally…
  • Agnes NutterMaggie Smith
    Because of reasons, okay?

That’s my Good Omens dreamcast.  Thanks to the members of my reading group for contributing to this!  🙂


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